General Installation Information

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  • Site must be level within 2 inches prior to installation.
  • When digging postholes, Leisure Time Products will schedule a utility line locate service to mark standard underground utilities.
  • Customer is responsible for locating and marking all other underground obstructions such as, but not limited to sprinkler lines, sewer lines, or homeowner installed power, gas or water lines.
  • Excavation, tree trimming, and removal of old structures are the responsibility of the customer
  • Leisure Time Products is NOT responsible for Home Owners' Association approvals.
  • If installing structure on an existing concrete slab, concrete anchor kit option must be purchased prior to installation. Please contact Leisure Time Products for minimum slab requirements prior to installation. (Standard Pergola Model and/or Gazebo may require additional preparation.)
  • If electrical power is not available within 100 feet of installation site, a fee of $75 will be required for generator rental.
  • Should a building permit be required in your area, Leisure Time Products will obtain the required permits for a fee of $250 Should additional inspections, engineered drawings or any other fees be required by your municipality, those additional charges will be added to your purchase. All fees must be paid prior to installation.