Installation FAQ

After you call our number to schedule installation, your pergola or gazebo will be delivered installed in 2-3 weeks.

Both gazebos and pergolas create warm, inviting outdoor spaces. Pergolas can be accented with vines or other plants for a great look that provides shade. A gazebo can provide protection from sun and rain. In areas with closely adjacent houses, townhouses or apartment buildings, the roof of a gazebo may offer slightly more privacy. Considering size? Both our pergola and gazebo have an overall size of 12’x12’ that is ideal for both casual seating and outdoor dining. The Gazebo is taller at 12’-1” at the peak of the roof, while the pergola stands 8’-4” tall. The gazebo offers slightly more usable space between the posts: the space under the gazebo between the posts is 11’-9” x 10’-5” while the pergola is 10”x 10”

Yes, all of the pieces come pre-stained including all end cuts. Also, our hardware is heavy-duty powder coated steel.

Yes, but this depends on the strength and configuration of the underlying construction. In both gazebos and pergolas, the overall load is carried by the four posts. This means that all of the weight is transferred and carried to the base of the posts. If the underlying structure of the deck can carry the load, the deck will still need to have sufficient structure directly underneath each of the four posts. Please consult with your deck builder, architect or engineer. Once the gazebo or pergola is in place, it should not be moved to another part of the deck.

Yes, if needed, we will inspect the patio prior to installation, but patios are typically fine.

The structure can be moved, but this should only be done by a trained professional. The structure is also secured to the ground for stability and to prevent movement during high wind.

We recommend that you use a high-quality stain and sealer annually.

Yes! Lighting is a great way to extend your outdoor time. Do not drill into or through the structure. Conduit and exterior grade wiring are recommended – please work with a qualified local electrician.

Since laws and restrictions vary by municipality, you will need to check with your local building department. Should a building permit be required, Leisure Time Products will obtain the required permits for $250 plus any applicable fees.

Nothing compares to the actual look of wood. Even as it ages, it becomes more beautiful. Vinyl is incredibly weather resistant and requires very little maintenance but does not have the same aesthetic appeal as wood. Also, vinyl cannot be stained or painted if it begins to lose its sheen. Vinyl structures if not designed and installed correctly can tilt, sag and become unstable. Aluminum can become dull and faded over time. Fasteners can interact with the aluminum and corrode leaving streaks and stains on the structure which are not easy to remove.

We recommend at least a 4” slab.

Traditionally grape vines and wisteria vines can be trained to grow on pergolas. Talk with a landscape professional or the pros at The Home Depot to determine what might work best in your location and yard.